The Alitis Advantage using Alternative Investments

Video Transcript

Thank you for your interest in Alitis Investment Council. I’m Cecil Baldry-White, founding partner CEO and portfolio manager in our firm. At Alitis, we feel that quality investment management involves two separate components.

Number one is a financial planning overlay and review of you and your family’s requirements and then combine that with an investment management piece that dovetails your requirements and risk profile in an integrated and custom-tailored solution for you. With the financial planning overlay, the majority of our portfolio managers are certified financial planners and have been using the financial planning process throughout their careers. In our financial planning process, we take great effort to get a detailed assessment of where you are today and to clearly understand what your goals are. we then combine those goals and objectives with a very carefully constructed investment plan.

Your investment portfolio will contain a very diversified mix of traditional stock and bond solutions, but also a meaningful allocation of what we call alternative investments. These alternative investments include private real estate, private mortgages, and other absolute return strategies that pension funds and high-net-worth families use all over the world. when we’re constructing your family’s portfolio we use four different steps.

  1. The first step is to include a meaningful allocation of alternative investments including private real estate, private fixed income solutions, and absolute return strategies.
  2. The second step is to actually decide on what is the asset mix that we want for your portfolio given where interest rates are, where stock markets are, and where real estate cycles are.
  3. The third step is that once we have the asset mix that we feel is right for your objectives, we then buy the individual investments in your portfolio. Those investments often start with low-cost ETFs, but we will use active managers if we feel they can bring value to your situation.
  4. The fourth and final step of our investment management process is rebalancing. Alitis has a very disciplined rebalancing process where we only allow investments to increase so far before we trim them back, otherwise, the risks within your portfolio will grow. Through this process, what’s happening is that you are consistently trimming off things when they’re high and buying quality investments when they’re low and that process has been shown with global studies to both reduce risk in your portfolio and add long-term returns.

So, if you’re interested in an investment management approach that includes a financial planning tax and estate planning overlay and then combines it with an investment management approach that is particularly conservative, I encourage you to call Alitis today.