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Recent Returns in the Markets

As you have likely seen in the financial news, the equity markets experienced a sharp pullback starting in late September. The largest market in the world, the US stock market, dropped by almost 10% from its recent peak on September 20th to its recent low on October 29th. Market corrections have historically been a blip […]

PMAC – Is a Portfolio Manager Right for You

Portfolio managers are firms and people who manage investment portfolios on behalf of individuals, foundations, endowments and pensions. Portfolio managers differ from mass-market or retail investment managers because they manage larger amounts of money for fewer clients. 

RESP Proof of Enrolment

For a beneficiary who is pursuing post-secondary education, Alitis Investment Counsel requires a valid Proof of Enrollment document to process a withdrawal. 

TFSA Handout

The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) offers Canadians (18 and over) with a way to set money aside, tax-free, throughout their lifetime. 

Alitis Top 5 TFSA Tips

Doing little things right over the course of your life can make a big difference to your family’s financial well being. Tax Free Savings Accounts (“TFSA”s) are one such thing whose benefits can really add up over time. While contributions are made to a TFSA with after-tax dollars, these plans are attractive in that the […]