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Update – Coronavirus and the Alitis Pools

Kevin Kirkwood, CFA President & Chief Investment Officer February 25, 2020 Today’s Markets Alitis’ Investment Committee has been watching the evolving Coronavirus story and working to ensure that the Alitis Pools are positioned to ride out this volatility while still being able to participate in the inevitable upside which generally follows these declines. Various stock […]

Income Investing – Small Adjustments Make a Big Difference

With investing, there are many times when small adjustments prove to be significant drivers of better return. The asset class best known for a focus on the measurement of microscopic changes in value is within fixed income investing. Within income investing, there are a few main components that one must be aware of. These include […]

Diversification Works When Done Correctly

At Alitis, we spend a lot of time reading and learning about the financial markets. We stay up-to-date on current events, we constantly monitor our positions, and we are always keeping an eye out for new investments that could improve our portfolios and their diversification. That being said, we do understand that the financial marketplace […]