• Foundations

Managing long-term capital for a Foundation implies having a long-term investment horizon. During its lifespan most Foundations will face the challenges of volatile markets and low investment returns that aren’t meeting their funding requirements. These challenges can lead to serious distress at the Board and Investment Committee level.
Whether it’s erosion of donor confidence, a delay or cancellation of a large planned donation or bequest, or just the frustration of some benefactors over unacceptable investment returns, Foundations can easily reduce or avoid these challenges with a more modern approach to investment management.

Most of the leading Foundations in Canada are adding new asset classes to their traditional, long term portfolios in order to enhance returns and reduce portfolio volatility. With historically low interest rates, Canadian Foundations face serious challenges to find sufficient returns to meet disbursement requirements and operating expenses. As a specialist in multi-asset class investments, Alitis can add value to the management of your capital with either a comprehensive mandate or our alternative investment strategy solutions.

Alitis also has substantial experience and success in alternative fixed income investments with target returns of between 5 and 7%, net of fees.

First Nations Settlement Trusts

Alitis fully understands the high standard of care required in the management of both operating and long-term trust funds. Our multi-asset class approach to investment management provides a documented track record of solid returns with lower risk.

Band members, managers and independent review boards can all have the confidence that their decision to place capital with Alitis conforms to a high level of fiduciary care in meeting jointly agreed upon financial objectives.
Our modern approach, unique investment portfolios and outstanding reporting are a perfect fit for indigenous groups.

Family Offices

Many Family Offices have advanced investment management platforms with defined processes, risk management assessments, compliance reviews and third-party consultants.

Alitis is ideally positioned to add value with our exceptional approach to the investment management process, particularly in the area of risk management.

With significant experience in the mortgage and alternative fixed income asset classes we can offer an excellent addition to create a well-diversified portfolio. Along with diversity we offer exceptional liquidity with intelligently built alternative investment strategies.

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