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Alitis Private REIT

Our REIT is designed and managed differently from other private and public REITs in Canada. In order to maximize risk-adjusted returns through various real estate market cycles, we specifically use three strategies (Core Plus, Value Added, Opportunistic) that contribute to stable income and capital appreciation. The objectives of our unique approach is to offer additional performance with lower volatility and most importantly, improved liquidity.

Our Strategy

The Alitis Private REIT offers access to high-quality private real estate in one well-diversified solution. The objective of this Fund is to generate a moderate level of income plus capital appreciation over the long-term. Our Multi-Manager / Multi-strategy structure enables the REIT to gain exposure to a wide range of real estate types, geographic regions, and manager expertise. The target return is 8 – 12%, net of fees, over a 5 – 7 year period for Class F Units.

As a private REIT, our Fund benefits from the latitude to include more real estate development than publicly-traded REITs. With a target allocation of 20-25% in new developments and with projected gross returns of 20-30% from those investments the Alitis Private REIT is designed to perform, and to have less volatility than its publicly-traded counterparts.

Value Creation

There are several ways to create value in Real Estate investments. The Alitis Private REIT offers Value Creation by financing the development of multi-family residential projects with experienced project partners working in areas of high demand across Canada. These development projects have provided a base of returns to the REIT and set it apart from others in the public and private markets. Most of the projects we invest in remain in the REIT as income producing rental properties while some are divested leaving the Alitis Private REIT with excellent development returns and the capital to invest in new and diverse projects.

Alitis Private REIT Real Estate Projects

Name: The Onyx

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Type: 282 Unit Apartment Development

Status: Income Producing

Start Date: February 2018

Completed: October 2020

Projected Annualized IRR: 12%

Developer: Ironclad Developments

Name: Belmont Landing

Location: Colwood, BC

Type: 48 Unit Apartment Development

Status: Rent Up

Start Date: November 2017

Estimated Completion: February 2021

Projected Development IRR: 30.0%

Developer: Stride Properties

Name: Eagle Pointe

Location: Kanata, ON

Type: 143 Unit Apartment Development

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: November 2018

Estimated Completion: July 2021

Projected Development IRR: 29.0%

Developer: Ironclad Developments

Name: Lakeview Pointe

Location: Kelowna, BC

Type: 193 Unit Apartment Development

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: November 2018

Estimated Completion: June 2021

Projected Development IRR: 33.0%

Developer: Ironclad Developments

Name: Victoria Press Building

Location: Victoria, BC

Type: Office Renovation

Status: Under Construction

Start Date: October 2020

Estimated Completion: Fall 2022

Projected Development IRR: 20.0%

Developer: Merchant House Capital

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