Investment Governance

Investment governance is overseen at two different levels – the Investment Committee Governance Board and the Investment Committee.

Investment Committee Governance Board

The Investment Committee Governance Board sets the direction and oversees the activities of the Investment Committee. The Board initially creates an investment policy statement (IPS) for each of the funds which sets the direction for the Investment Committee to follow. Subsequently, the Board will review the Investment Committee’s adherence to the parameters of the IPSs by conducting quarterly reviews to ensure compliance. These processes provide the mechanism to ensure that each of the funds is set up properly and that the objectives and constraints imposed by each IPS is followed.

Members of the Investment Committee Governance Board

  • Cecil Baldry-White
  • Kevin Kirkwood
  • Mitchell Prothman
  • Todd Blaseckie

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is the body that is tasked with managing each fund in accordance with its IPS. On a ongoing basis, this would involve the following:

  • Performing initial and ongoing due diligence on investments, including adding or removing these investments from our approved list,
  • Reviewing and monitoring economic and financial events to assess the impact on the funds,
  • Making tactical shifts within the funds to take advantage of opportunities or mitigate risks,
  • Rebalancing each fund as required to return it to its current asset class or investment allocation, and
  • Conducting other related activities as required from time-to-time.

Members of the Investment Committee

  • Kevin Kirkwood
  • Mitchell Prothman
  • Todd Blaseckie
  • Thomas Nowak
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