What to expect when you apply for insurance

The following information outlines the process you can expect when you submit an application for Life Insurance or Living Benefits Insurance.


Please answer all medical as requested by the insurance company’s representative and financial questions fully, with as much detail as possible. This will ensure a quick and accurate underwriting process by the insurance company. It also ensures that the insurance coverage you are purchasing is not jeopardized by non-disclosure of information. Once you are satisfied the application is complete and accurate we will both sign and date the application.


As your Advisor, I will forward your application for submission to the insurance company. 


When the insurance company receives your application, it is assigned to an underwriter for risk assessment. The risk is assessed based on all aspects of your life including Occupation, Avocation, Financials, Medicals, Lifestyle, Travel and Insurable Interest (Beneficiary).

A life insurance company assesses the risk of issuing a policy to you based on certain parameters. In the same way that a good driver gets favorable rates from an auto insurer, if you are a good risk both financially and medically your life insurance premiums will be lower or you will be able to purchase more coverage.

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