Insurance Planning

Life insurance is owned by high net worth families, not because they need life insurance in the traditional sense, but for the following benefits:

  • Preserve wealth: most efficient way to replace estate value due to taxes and fees
  • Protect your wealth: with named beneficiaries the money is protected from creditors
  • Risk is reduced: adding an additional asset class with no correlation to the stock market
  • Privacy: the values are not viewable by the public, like assets flowing through your estate
  • Tax-sheltered growth: the dividends earned are sheltered from income tax while inside the policy
  • Tax-free to beneficiaries: the final payout is tax free and timely
  • Decreased taxation: repositioning taxable investments to permanent insurance can decrease annual taxation and help to reduce or avoid OAS clawback
  • Efficient estate distribution: beneficiaries are controlled by the owners and can be changed as often as needed
  • Funds are accessible: financial institutions view this insurance as a secure asset to borrow against
  • Performance: insurance company dividends have a consistent history
  • Freedom: the addition of permanent insurance frees up other assets and investments in your estate for your use and enjoyment

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