Private Mortgage Fund

The Alitis Private Mortgage Fund is designed to yield higher returns than traditional fixed income investments. It combines the stability of private mortgage-based investments with the liquidity of publicly-traded mortgage investment corporations (MICs) and other asset-backed investments.

The target return is 6% to 7%, net of fees.

The Fund gives you access to a strategically designed portfolio of select private and public mortgage-related investments. The investment objective of the Alitis Private Mortgage Fund is to generate a high level of income with relatively low volatility.

Since much more than projected returns should be considered when selecting mortgage investments, the Alitis Private Mortgage Fund provides a number of unique advantages. The fund is not limited to a single mortgage investment corporation (MIC), a single strategy, a single region or a single manager. Instead, the Alitis multi-manager/multi-strategy approach provides an excellent way to access a broad range of private and public mortgage investments in one well-built solution requiring only one subscription for your clients.

Alitis’ investment management team has garnered experience and expertise to invest well and properly monitor the growing mortgage investment space. They have delivered an intelligently built mortgage fund which holds leading-edge mortgage investments diversified by geography, type of investment and operational expertise. That’s what makes the Alitis Private Mortgage Fund easy to recommend.