Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

Alitis offers discretionary portfolio management utilizing the Alitis Investment Pools. Discretionary portfolio management means that a duly authorized portfolio manager will make and execute investment decisions on an ongoing basis on your behalf according to a written agreement known as an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that takes into account your specific investment needs and goals. To facilitate these services, an Investment Mandate will be recommended to you after assessing your risk tolerance, return requirements, time horizon, financial situation, and other factors. This mandate may be applicable to a single account, or it may be applicable to a group of accounts and will guide which investments are used in your portfolio.

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Retirement Planning

We also offer basic retirement planning services that are relevant to our investment management process, as a courtesy to our clients. This can include determining retirement income goals, identifying income sources, implementing a savings program and managing assets and expenses, while minimizing risk.

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If you are seeking in-depth planning with comprehensive written Financial Plans, we offer custom-tailored planning through our related company, Alitis Wealth Planning Inc.

Alitis Investment Counsel offers a suite of investment products that are designed to provide investors with access to a broad range of asset classes and investment styles in order to generate solid returns with a lower level of risk. We use our investments both individually and in combination, to construct our client portfolios.