The Alitis Private Real Estate LP is a diversified portfolio of alternative investments with a focus on private real estate and a tilt towards development projects. The fund was designed to generate a high level of capital appreciation and a moderate level of income over the long-term.

How could the Alitis Private Real Estate LP fit into your portfolio?

The Alitis Private Real Estate LP was created for investors with a 6 years and longer time horizon looking to add a real estate component. The Alitis Private Real Estate LP focuses on newly developed apartments, townhomes and condos, and a modest foundation of existing properties for income and stability, this fund is growth-oriented but the least liquid of our investment offerings. This fund has a greater allocation of early stage development projects, making this fund attractive to those seeking to add a well-diversified real estate solution to their portfolios.

What asset classes does this fund use?

Example of real estate projects

  • The Bravado

    Winnipeg, MB
    Ironclad Developments

    Bravado real estate holding in Winnipeg
  • Georgetown One

    Surrey, BC
    Anthem Properties

  • Victoria Press Building

    Victoria, BC
    Merchant House Capital

  • Government Road

    Squamish, BC
    WestUrban Developments

  • Centennial Court

    Langford, BC
    Ironclad Developments