About Alitis Asset Management

Alitis Asset Management is a division of Alitis Investment Counsel Inc. (“Alitis”)

Established in 2009, Alitis is a portfolio manager and investment fund manager with a proven track record. We successfully manage seven investment funds. Our funds receive the benefit of a specialized investment management team and a dedicated Investment Committee.

Our investment team performs rigorous due diligence in seeking and approving new investment opportunities. The process begins with setting a strategic asset mix for each fund using pre-approved asset categories and securities. We continually monitor each asset class and underlying security to tactically reduce risk and seek opportunities to incrementally increase returns, all within reasonable constraints.

Alitis uses data, analytics and research to build specialized funds that are used by advisers to create superior portfolios for our clients. We remain vigilant at every stage of the investment management process confirming our commitment to risk management.

Mitchell Prothman

Mitchell Prothman, CFA, CFP

Senior Portfolio Manager

Mitchell is the lead portfolio manager for the Alitis Private REIT, the Alitis Private Real Estate LP, and the Alitis Private Mortgage Fund, with the responsibility for the real estate and mortgage strategy for the firm.

Mitchell has worked closely with real estate investments for the past 14 years and has invested ~$500 million in real estate and mortgage investments including both residential and commercial properties during this time.

Thomas Nowak

Thomas Nowak, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Thomas is a member of the Investment Committee and participates in the due diligence, monitoring, and research processes that go into the management of the Alitis Pools. He provides coverage and analysis across a variety of asset classes and works closely with the other members of the Investment Committee.

Thomas is also the lead developer for Alitis’ investment database and proprietary internal software.

Ryan Patterson

Ryan Patterson, BComm.

Senior Real Estate Strategist

As the Senior Real Estate Strategist, Ryan’s focus is on the analysis and review of potential real estate investments, as well as, the ongoing monitoring of current holdings.

Coming from an appraisal background, Ryan specializes in market rental analysis feasibility studies, multi-family and commercial real estate valuations, including portfolio assessment reviews for large holdings of private and public organizations.

Kevin Kirkwood, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Kevin has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry primarily in the areas of investment analysis, portfolio design and compliance.

Kevin is the lead manager of the Alitis Growth Pool and the Alitis Income & Growth Pool, with responsibility for the equity strategy for the firm. Kevin is the head of Alitis’ Investment Committee.