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Alitis Investment Counsel offers a suite of investment products that are designed to provide investors with access to a broad range of asset classes and investment styles in order to generate solid returns with a lower level of risk.  Each of the Alitis investments operates in its unique space, with the exception of the Alitis Income & Growth Pool:

The portfolio managers at Alitis use a combination of these investment funds to construct portfolios which best meet the objectives of our clients.

Alitis Strategic Income Pool

The Alitis Strategic Income Pool is our most conservative offering and is designed to generate a high level of income by investing in both traditional and alternative fixed income securities other than mortgages. This Pool is an excellent option for those who need a reasonable level of income with lower risk than our other Pools.

Alitis Income & Growth Pool

The Alitis Income & Growth Pool is our most diversified offering and is designed to generate a moderate level of income and capital appreciation, making it an excellent option for most people seeking a balanced investment approach.  This Pool combines all our individual strategies – fixed income, mortgages, stocks/equities, real estate, and alternative strategies – into one investment.

Alitis Growth Pool

The Alitis Growth Pool is our growth-oriented offering, designed to generate a high level of capital appreciation over the long term.  Management of the Pool was updated in mid-2019, it is now more actively managed with an internal approach using ETFs alongside high-performing third party active managers. This multi-style strategy approach includes a carefully balanced mix of both traditional and alternative securities such as public stocks, private equity, commodities, and alternative equity strategies. This diversified approach is designed to moderate risk and volatility by ensuring that many investment views are combined into one investment vehicle.

Alitis Dividend Growth Pool

The Alitis Dividend Growth Pool is designed to provide Canadian investors with a diversified, tax-efficient investment portfolio of Canadian and International dividend-paying companies. This Pool combines Canadian equities paying eligible dividends with global equities that provide both income and capital appreciation potential.

Alitis Private Mortgage Fund

The Alitis Private Mortgage Fund offers access to a carefully designed portfolio of select private and public mortgage investments. The investment objective of the Alitis Private Mortgage Fund is to generate a high level of income with relatively low volatility.

Alitis Private REIT

The Alitis Private REIT (“REIT”) offers access to a carefully designed portfolio of private real estate related investments, with a focus on the multi-family sector. The REIT will primarily invest in Real Estate LPs, funds and pooled products, but will strategically invest in publicly traded real estate securities when they present better value than private alternatives. The investment objective of the Alitis Private REIT is to generate a moderate level of income and tax-efficient capital appreciation over the long-term.

Alitis Private Real Estate Limited Partnership

The Alitis Private Real Estate Limited Partnership (“RELP”) is designed to provide capital appreciation with modest income. With a focus on newly developed apartments, townhomes and condos, and a modest foundation of existing properties for income and stability, this fund is our most growth-oriented and least liquid investment. The RELP has a greater allocation of early stage development projects and is expected to outperform the Alitis Private REIT over the longer term.

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