Registered Disability Savings Plans

No matter how small, the benefit of starting now and thinking long term cannot be understated. Much like snowballs turning into glaciers.

Alitis’ 2nd annual Toy Drive a huge success!

This year’s event aimed to surpass last year’s donations to reach even more children and families in need.
Posted on December 15 | Insights
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December 15, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Solid Returns & Low Volatility: Alitis is Different from the Rest

Alitis Investment Counsel is a boutique wealth management firm based out of beautiful Vancouver Island, that’s dedicated to doing things a little differently.
Posted on December 12 | Insights
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December 12, 2023/by caorda

PMAC – Is a Portfolio Manager Right for You

Posted on December 05 | Resources
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December 5, 2023/by caorda

Alitis’ Top 5 TFSA Tips for 2023

Tax Free Savings Accounts (“TFSA”s) are one thing whose benefits can really add up over time. Here are our top 5 TFSA tips to keep in mind.
Posted on November 28 | Insights
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November 28, 2023/by caorda

Real Estate Investment Nets a 39.3% Return – A Case Study

Alitis invested in the Centennial Court development located in Langford, BC which was sold for $70,500,000 in October 2023.
Posted on November 07 | Insights
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November 7, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Investing for the future: Real estate’s potential in a growing Canada

Governments are making positive changes which make building multi-family homes more feasible for development companies and investors.
Posted on October 30 | Insights
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October 30, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Delving Deeper into a Portfolio Managers’ True Roles

Gain insight on the process a Portfolio Manager follows to design a portfolio best suited to the needs of their clients.
Posted on October 16 | Insights
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October 16, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Navigating Financial Turbulence: Alitis’ Fourth Quarter Market Outlook

Diversification and time in the market help steady investments in uncertain times.
Posted on October 06 | Insights
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October 6, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen