Alitis was founded in 2009 and is a boutique investment counsel and manager of alternative investment strategies. At Alitis, we believe that following a disciplined data driven approach to investing is key to delivering exceptional performance while managing risk for our clients.

Our Vision

To enrich the lives of investors by providing access to financial opportunities that are typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

Our Mission

To deliver intelligently built investment strategies which combine actively managed public, private, and alternative assets into a single portfolio to provide consistent long-term performance with reduced volatility. Our highly trained team passionately engages with our clients on their journey to financial success, applying comprehensive wealth planning that leads to a customized and tax-efficient investment plan.

Our Values



“We earn respect and trust by acting in the best interest of our clients. We do what is right for our clients, our profession, our firm and each other.”


“We deliver premium value to our clients by providing outstanding service and products.


“We build trust within our team and clients by taking responsibility for our actions and their impact; we are proactive in our responses.”



“We collaborate and support each other. We share our strengths, celebrate our successes, and honour our differences. We build respect and trust in our team by doing our best, and having faith that others can do their jobs well.”


Feedback is a gift we respect, welcome, and encourage. We appreciate that many of our best ideas and opportunities come from our team, clients, andpartners. We seek to include many voices and perspectives, understanding others before being understood.”


“Our team, clients and collaborative partners are treated as friends and family. They are our biggest advocates. We support our community and industry through our volunteer work, sponsorships and participation on Boards and Committees.”



“We encourage critical and creative thinking to reimagine solutions, leverage technology, and make continuous improvements that best serve our clients, team and partners.”

Lifelong Learning

“We are committed to continuously improve our knowledge, skills, qualifications, and personal well-being. When we make mistakes, we choose to see them as learning opportunities.”


“We find intentional ways to connect as a team and with our clients. Together we build an enjoyable work environment. We choose work life balance and support each other to do so.”