Diversify your investments with real estate, without the stress of being a landlord

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Alitis’ carefully selected alternative investments go beyond the stock market

Investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio, but it can add a lot of extra work.

If you choose to purchase a rental property for extra equity and monthly rental income, you also take on landlord, maintenance, and collections duties. That’s why Alitis offers a different option: carefully designed portfolios featuring real estate investments vetted by expert strategists.

“We look at real estate from a different point of view. We partner with developers and other real estate managers to help facilitate their projects, providing much-needed housing while also offering a quality investment to our clients,” says Ryan Patterson, Senior Real Estate Strategist at Alitis Investment Counsel.

Advantages of investing with Alitis

The Onyx | Winnipeg, MB | Ironclad Developments | Alitis Private REIT

Alitis Investment Counsel offers two investment products focused on real estate: Alitis Private REIT and Alitis Private Real Estate Limited Partnership. These pooled investments offer many advantages over purchasing a single investment property:

  • Diversified portfolio: These Alitis investments include developments from Ontario to BC as well as other properties across Canada and the U.S. If one region is affected by market changes, other regions help mitigate some risks.
  • Professional vetting: Alitis’ investment professionals assess risks, benefits, proposed investment returns, property value and more — it’s their full-time job to analyze every angle.
  • More free time: Building maintenance, managing tenants and other landlord responsibilities won’t take up any of your time.
  • Economies of scale: Enjoy savings and efficiencies by investing in multiple properties.

Knowledge, experience, dynamic teamwork

Patterson and other members of the Alitis team monitor current real estate investments while exploring new opportunities.

“We’re much more focused on building long term, sustainable relationships with quality developers and managers than facilitating one-off deals. It’s about having confidence in our relationships so we can have a positive impact on communities and our clients.”

Patterson spent many years as an experienced Associate Appraiser before joining the talented team at Alitis Investment Counsel earlier this year.

“The culture at Alitis is exceptional. Everyone is committed to doing the best job possible,” he says. “Our team is dynamic, and it’s really easy to collaborate with everyone, including our CEO, President and CFO.”

Our dedicated team at Alitis has over 250 years of collective industry experience. But what makes us unique is the high level of integrity that every team member brings to the table.

If you’re interested in investing with Alitis, let’s have a conversation: