Solid Returns & Low Volatility: Alitis is Different from the Rest

What Makes Alitis Different from the Rest?

Alitis Investment Counsel is a boutique wealth management firm based out of beautiful Vancouver Island, that’s dedicated to doing things a little differently.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve delivered on our promise of steady returns with less volatility.

So how do we do it?

At Alitis, our approach to asset management is unique. We rely on a mix of traditional and alternative investments, with a significant portion spread across the latter.

By focusing on alternative investments, we’re able to mitigate extreme market volatility and deliver a steadier investment experience to our clients.

Traditional Investments

volatility of traditional investments

Traditional investment refers to buying stocks and bonds and generating returns in the form of capital appreciation, dividends or interest. As market conditions shift, stocks may become highly unpredictable, and can fluctuate drastically. Bonds can see swings in value depending on changes in interest rates and other factors. This volatility may create an uneasy investment experience, and can make it difficult to plan for the future.

At Alitis, in order to keep a damper on volatility and deliver steadier returns for our clients, we limit our exposure to traditional investments. Without abandoning them, we make sure traditional investments are capped at a certain percentage in each portfolio.

Alternative Investments

real estate alternative investment

Alternative investments represent non-traditional asset classes separate from stocks and bonds. By adding alternative investments, our team at Alitis is often able to generate steadier returns during periods of volatility in the public markets.

Aside from being a solid source of income and capital growth, alternative investments are loosely tied to publicly traded markets. That means when the stock or bond markets are performing poorly, alternative investments may continue to perform.

Here are some of the types of alternative asset classes we’re investing in:

  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure
  • Private Mortgages
  • Private Asset Backed Loans

By investing in alternative investments, our clients are given an investment experience typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Pension funds, endowment funds and high-net worth families have used alternative investments into their portfolios in order to mitigate risk and generate steadier returns.

Typical retail investors aren’t able to invest as heavily into alternative investments because they have different liquidity needs. The reality is, in many cases, daily liquidity is not necessary for investors. Most Canadians need some of their portfolio accessible for life events, but the rest is with them for retirement and future generations.

Read more about our investment strategies and portfolio options:

Our Clients are Our Focus

At Alitis, we take pride in investing similar to a pension fund, yet catering to the everyday investor. That means our clients can rest easier knowing our risk-mitigating approach will be with them long term – regardless of how markets are performing.

We’ve developed a deep level of trust with our clients, because over the past 12 years, we’ve delivered on what we promised them – solid returns and less volatility. Our high client retention rate speaks for itself and we work to help ensure that our clients do not need to worry about the next stock market fluctuation that could throw their financial future into question.

Our Team at Alitis

Our dedicated team at Alitis has over 250 years of collective industry experience. But what makes us unique is the high level of integrity that every team member brings to the table.

Along with experience and integrity, each team member at Alitis shares the same commitment to our clients. At the end of the day, we measure our success based on the success of you reaching your financial goals.

If you’re interested in investing with Alitis, let’s have a conversation: