Worried about stock market risk?

You are not alone; our entire industry is asking this question and is actively seeking ways to reduce exposure to stocks. Cash and bonds are not necessarily the best option, so the only real option that offers higher potential returns is to diversify into alternative asset classes that may be new to you or your clients. This evolution in our industry is a good thing, for Advisers and your clients, because it can lead to better-built portfolios, new sources of income and growth and overall better risk-adjusted returns.

Alternative Investments Built to Perform

When choosing which alternative investments to use in your client’s portfolios we feel there are three important criteria that can lead to achieving

A solid balance between safety, performance and liquidity. Having actively used this approach for over nine years without own private clients we know it can work well:

  • Select the best asset classes – we favour real estate and asset-backed mortgages and loans
  • Choose the best alternative investment structure – a fund of funds approach is widely recognized as a preferred way to achieve adequate diversification, with better potential liquidity
  • Invest with an experienced manager – having invested in private real estate, mortgages and asset-backed loans for most of our careers we understand what to look for and how to manage these asset classes

Benefit from our years of experience and funds with demonstrated track records.

Alternative Investments Can Grow Your Business

With our entire industry talking more and more about alternatives and our clients beginning to learn about the benefits of including alternatives in their portfolios Advisers who understand and actively use alternatives are well-positioned to attract more money from existing clients and win new clients from Advisers who fail to keep up with this new approach.

Alternatives can provide the dual benefit of protecting the value of your book of business when they protect your client’s capital. Promoting alternatives may be one of the most powerful marketing strategies over the next few years.

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