Cecil Baldry-White


Senior VP, Distribution

Cecil Baldry-White is the Senior VP of Alitis Asset Management and has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

As an Investment Adviser and Branch Manager for one of Canada’s largest Investment Dealers, he developed a reputation as a client-focused Investment Professional. Through his direct participation in large scale public presentations, retirement workshops for major industries, and his own television program, Cecil is considered a skilled educator, helping people make better investment decisions. By distilling the complexities of advanced wealth management down to easily understood, actionable investment strategies. Cecil has helped thousands of Canadians understand their finances better. Cecil’s advanced skills, excellent qualifications and integrity have contributed to the success he and his team have achieved in building one of the larger wealth management operations in their region.

As a founder of Alitis Investment Counsel he and his team of Portfolio Managers have created well-structured portfolios designed to deliver solid returns, with significantly less risk than traditional investment solutions. Cecil undertakes a number of roles within the firm and splits his time between working directly with clients and building out the investment platform and growth strategies for Alitis. Cecil spearheaded the design and launch of three standalone alternative investment portfolios, the Alitis Mortgage Plus Pool, the Alitis Private REIT and the Alitis Private Real Estate Limited Partnership. Cecil is a member of Alitis’ Investment Committee Governance board.