Alitis offers discretionary portfolio management using traditional and alternative asset classes with offices in Comox, Campbell River and Victoria.

Today, Alitis Investment Counsel manages over $400 million of private client assets, which includes a sizeable allocation to alternative investments. We are pleased to be able to offer such unique investment solutions that provides access to an asset class that is typically only available to high net worth or institutional investors.

Benefits of working with Alitis

  • Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns

    Increased diversification dampens portfolio swings and tends to provide solid, more consistent returns year after year.

  • Lower Risk

    Alitis portfolios are constructed to demonstrate less volatility over the long term than similar stock/bond and mutual fund indices.

  • Active Management

    Alitis monitors the portfolios daily and will make adjustments to take advantage of short term opportunities or to avoid sudden risks.

  • Disciplined Portfolio Re-Balancing

    It is essential to re-balance investments within your portfolio as they move up and down, in order to control risk and buy good investments on short term dips.

  • Transparent Management Fees

    Set management fees based on the type of Pool and no additional performance fees.

  • Client Reporting

    You will receive high quality, personalized, monthly electronic statements showing your transaction history, portfolio holdings and your personal rate of return.

  • Investment Process

    Alitis constructs portfolios using a multi-manager approach that allows us to select the best of breed management teams and investment solutions available in order to create extremely-diversified portfolios with excellent risk-return profiles.

  • Investor Protection

    All monies and client assets are placed through and held at our custodian, Credential Qtrade Securities, who like all investment dealers in Canada, is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

  • Our Team

    With over 250 years of collective industry experience, our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, thought-provoking advice and exceptional service.

Our Portfolios

We work within a clean and diligent investment approach in delivering our diverse offering of portfolios. Each Alitis fund has a well-defined mandate and fits within the overall offering with targets for risk and return. This ensures that we can provide you with a complete and individually tailored managed account.

What it means to be a Portfolio Manager

  • Professional Qualifications and Experience

    We are required to have the highest level of education and experience in the investment industry.

  • Personalized Management of Your Portfolio

    We provide ongoing management of your investments based on your current and changing needs and objectives.

  • Individual Investment Policy Statement

    We work with you to create an individual written agreement to lay out your investment portfolio and our relationship.

Emily Hofmann, CIM®, CFP®
Portfolio Manager

Shawn Fetter

Shawn Fetter, CIM®, CFP®, CLU®
Associate Portfolio Manager

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