Investment Rocks: Applying Curling Strategies to Your Portfolio

Collaborating towards a common goal leads to better outcomes in both curling and the work we do to help people achieve their financial goals.
September 22, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Constructing Pension Style Investment Portfolios

Constructing robust investment portfolios that can deliver consistent returns while mitigating risks is of great importance.
September 20, 2023/by caorda

Humanity starts with charity: Alitis’ food drive for the local food banks

From September 12 to October 3, we will be accepting non-perishable donations at our Campbell River (101-909 Island Highway) and Comox (103-695 Aspen Road) offices in support of the Campbell River Food Bank and Comox Valley Food Bank. 
September 12, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

What is a Chartered Financial Analyst?

The Chartered Financial Analyst designation, or CFA, is one of the most highly regarded global certifications in the financial services industry.
September 6, 2023/by caorda

Perceptions vs. Reality: Unveiling the True Role of Portfolio Managers

People often think that portfolio managers try to find the highest returning investment but the reality of a portfolio manager's role is far more multifaceted and intricate than meets the eye.
August 31, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

What it looks like when you put people first

People are at the heart of every decision Alitis makes — even the decision to include ‘People’ in our company values was made by putting people first.
August 28, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

The Alitis Story: One to Share

Alitis clients holding a diversified portfolio of Alitis investment pools have simply not experienced the full weight of declines in public fixed income and equity markets.
August 22, 2023/by caorda

Alitis’ Values

At Alitis, our values are at the center of all that we do and act as our compass to guide every aspect of our interactions, decisions, and strategies.
August 16, 2023/by caorda

Alitis Investment Funds Attain 100% Ownership of Luxury Apartment Building

Alitis proudly announces the acquisition of the remaining ownership stake of The Allure, a brand-new 155-unit luxury apartment building located in the emerging community of Bridgwater Town Centre, in southwest Winnipeg by the Alitis Income and Growth Pool and Alitis Private REIT.
August 9, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

From Fear to Financial Success: Overcoming Myopic Loss Aversion

Myopic loss aversion refers to the tendency of individuals to prioritize short-term gains or losses over long-term objectives.
July 31, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Unveiling the Results: 2023 Alitis Client Satisfaction Survey

With the goal of continuously improving our services and ensuring exceptional customer experiences, we conducted a Client Satisfaction Survey this past June.
July 28, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen

Time in the market beats timing the market

The best time to invest is as early as you can, even if it's only a small amount.
July 24, 2023/by Natalie Nguyen